Day 0 – May 5th

After 30 years in Austria, I realized not to know my second home country good enough. Thus, I decided it to change it by exploring it on a bike. Originally I wanted to cycle from Vienna / Perchtoldsdorf, where I live, to Bregenz. My knowledgable friends, however, suggested making it the other way round. West winds are the most typical in Austria, so if you have to fight with altimeters, is better let the winds push your back. So, tonight I am taking a night train from Vienna to Bregenz. Looking forward to 800 km and 8000m altimeters 🙂

The question is as always: What have I forgotten? (I will learn the answers just when I will need it)

Now 7hrs time to read…

The train is getting empty and slow. Still two hrs to go

Posted on 04.05 2024 at 21:26