AT Day 2 – May 7th – Nature prevails

The weather forecast was right, and it was raining the whole day. Well, apart from two hours.
Everything got turned into a wet, gray world, looking the same. So my apologies to all the German cities and villages I was passing by without exploring them.
The only impression I got was that the northern coast of the Lake Constance is one never ending recreational area with hotels, beaches, camping places and tourists with umbrellas.

Other than that, today was one long humid meditation trip for me. 103 km from Schienen back to Bregenz

Yesterday, when looking for a room, I stopped in a local shop and asked the owner for recommendations.
“Do not you have Google?” was his dry answer
“I do, but I prefer to talk to people” I tried friendly
“I am not aware of any” he replied and shrugged his shoulder

His wife, probably feeling sorry, offered me a password to their WiFi so that I could google.
There were three B&B in the village, and finally I stayed with one which was even not listed on the interned. Just well signposted 🙂

So today I followed the signposts in Bregenz, too and found a reasonably priced good hotel right in the center.
Messmer is the name, just in case you would not like to google too 🙂

103 km in the rain from Schienen to Bregenz


Radolfzell in the rain. After this first picture, I stopped taking other shots. Everything looked the same in the rain.


This made me smile, especially since the water beneath this wall was pretty shallow 🙂


Wine at the lake Constance apparently tastes fabulously if the profits can build up castles like that

Posted on 07.05 2024 at 20:25