Day 5 – May 10th – Double Joy

“A lot of success” is my farewell wish to an experienced co-biker whom I met accidentally for breakfast. 
“Not success, but a lot of joy!” is his response.  So I decided to heed his wise advice. And had a double joy today. 

First the nature
– incredible scenery
– the mountains were friendly to me and let me the European water shed at 1676 metres 
– the valley of the river Lech surpassed all expectations 
– equally Ehrwald,  my today’s destination 

Second socializing 
– voluntary fire brigades let me use their air compressors and depicted their major mission last year when they saved a huge hotel
– canyoning enthusiasts borrowed me a proper screwdriver to fix a loose screw 
– American tourist chatted with me about 100 things and shared the view it is a shame that only two over-aged candidates run for presidency
– a Ukrainian waitress shared her sorrows and details of her breakneck escape from the city of Chernigov
– the joking hotel owner made me laugh, and vice versa, when negotiating the price for the room 

Net-net: A had a lot of joy today riding 102km and ascending 1200 altimeters

My first lag of journey Thanks mountains for letting me pass without collapsing
The river Lech valley opens up
Could a picture from Tyrol look more tyrolian?
I measured the speed of these rafters: 20 km/h
Sorry for being repetitive. Just another biking romance

Posted on 10.05 2024 at 20:03