Day 3 – May 8th – Resting in the rain

At school skiing courses we were always told: The thrid day is a resting one since the danger of an incident is too high.
Today the heavy rain took this precaution for me. So I decided to discover Bregenz on foot and walked lovely 10 km here.
Though from the number of inhabitance (close to 30 000) is Bregenz similar to my home town Kolin, I had to admit it is a little bit more attactive.
Well, what a painful confession from a Kolin patriot 🙂

Guess what these numbers are? Correct, the first one is the size of an electron, the second one the speed of light. I did not know the first one, but a politician at the EU election booth told me 🙂

Medieval age seemed to not welcome every visitor

The Manneken Pis of Bregenz is called “Brünzler”. He apparently needed some mending today. The good message for men over 50: A proof that not every prostata problem requires a medical doctor.

The narrowest house of the world – only 57cm wide. Yes it widens on the other side. The hundred years ago the owner built it illegally in this gap.  But still a construction mastery.

I asked one of the security guys why the local parliament is so much guarded, even with a fence. “There is a local parliament session going on” he replied “Are the topics discussed so secret or dangerous?” “No, idea, we were just ordered here”

There is always a hope. The first picture was taken in the morning, the second in the evening. So hopefully there will be sunshine tomorrow so that I can finally start my journey up the hills towards Vienna.

Posted on 08.05 2024 at 18:39