DE, Day 9, Inhaling the northern spirit

If you want to slow down, or “entschleunigen” in German, then try our today’s route. Passing by woods, meadows, endless planes and quiet villages forces you to inhale the northern spirit of calmness.

Though not everywhere. A man at the end of a narrow bridge stands like a prophet with a dead serious face and his hand risen towards the heaven. Well, not heaven but just a sign that reads: “Bikers dismount!” Yes, we did not.

“No dogs allowed on the beach! In areas where allowed, all dogs must be on a leash!” Announces a public address system in the crowded seaside resort Zingst. Having no dog I am, as a former technician, primarily astonished by the sound quality and clarity of the message reaching every dune on the beach.

“Why is Ahrenshoop so popular?” I ask the receptionist at our today hotel.
“Because it used to be and still is an artist colony”
“And why is the village charging us €12 visitor’s tax for one night?”
“Because it is for two days. You arrived today and leave tomorrow.
“Well, we arrived today at 6pm and will leave tomorrow at 8:30 am”
“Yes, still two days”
I take a deep breath and accept it with the spirit of the northern calmness.


83 km of northern spirit inhaling from Stralsund to Ahrenshoop


The name Dorfstraße = village street, seems to be every village we passed so far. This picture was taken three days ago, but also today our hotel is in another Dorfstraße. I am intrigued to learn how many Dorfstraße are in Germany in total.


A little bit of calming spirit. The bisons did not show much emotion looking at me.


Those of my generation and origin might understand why at this scene Lermontov’s poem “A white sale in the blue sky” came up to my mind. Since we were forced to learn it by heart I still remember the beginning: белеет парус одинокий в тумане моря голубом …


Moors in yet another national park. Not only a lovely view, but also thousands of mosquitoes


Tracks like that forces you to slow down and still enjoy more dopamine and serotonin than otherwise


Though pretty windy, the Baltic Sea emanates a well balanced calmness


Photo taken just to be able to contend we were also “bathing” in the Baltic Sea


Northern spirit also means thatched roofs. Allegedly they hold for up to 50 years and reed is here everywhere



Posted on 07.06 2024 at 19:46