Day 4 – May 9 – Oh, these contour lines 

Today may goal was the “Schröcken pass“ which I believed to be directly at the name giving village of Schröcken. But arriving here after 70 km and 1300 altimeters, I had to confess I was not reading the contours properly. The pass is only 6km from here but 640 altimeters higher. This broke my spirit. The only open hotel here was a huge luxury resort. The front desk manager, looking at my depleted face, offered me almost a reasonable price. So I parked my muddy bike in the garage alongside with shiny Porsches and BMWs. Following the crowds, I got soon indulged into thee fancy saunas and other amenities. My justifications: a) my wife warned me not to overstretch my “biking string” and b)yes, money counts but we live only once 🙂

The romance of the Bregenz Forest
Drivers, do not complain you were not warned in Austria. This sign reads: Attention, radar speed checks all over the country
Make your choice: a) A little bit too much of solar panels. Or b) What a great independence on Russian gas
The church of Schröcken. The Schröcken pass is somewhere up there in the snow,, 650 meters higher…

Posted on 09.05 2024 at 18:25