DE Day 2, May 31, Going North

“Would you make an exception for us today and start serving 10 minutes earlier?”
“No”, replies the coffee shop owner
“Well, just a little one”
“No, if I serve you everyone else would like to be served”
“I see, so could we at least place the orders already now?”
“No, you have to wait 10 minutes”
So I go out and read again the sign in front of this nicely looking coffee shop:
“All we offer to our clients before noon is just a friendly smile.”

Other than that Görlitz was really a lovely town. Perfectly renovated affluent buildings gave evidence of how important this town must have been before WW2. So today, as the rumours go, this rather empty city serves as film set for many historical movies.

“How was your school today? “ I ask a 12 years old boy with a satchel when passing by in a small city od Rothenburg.
“What did you learn?”

My overstretched nosiness is soon punished by bad weather. We all have to put on our Goretex stuff and cycle for 10 km in a heavy rain. What a relief when the Sun reappears!

“What discount could you offer to a caught fish? “ I ask the receptionist at a hotel when he confirms to have rooms free.
“€10 max.”
“We take it.”

All in all 106 km from Zittau to Bad Muskau

106 km from Zittau to Bad Muskau

Woman monastery Marienthal, since 1234 in service. Moreover founded by a Czech duchess and rebuilt in a Bohemian baroque style. Stopping by with a must for us 🙂

River Nisa / Neiße widens

City of Görlitz – one of many photos taken

Bikers romance  how alongside the German/Polish border.

Rural architecture of the “Oberlausitz” area

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