June 30 – Day five

Hope is no strategy
After my yesterday experience, I hoped for less scorching sun. It didn’t materialise 🙁

Being forewarned I hoped to buy already in Hungary a Serbian prepaid Sim card (My mobile provider charges me outrageously outside of the EU) A young lady in a Vodafone shop told me yes, they could sell it to me if I had a permanent address in Hungary.
“I don’t have one, but hopefully you could lend me yours for this” I suggested.
She declined.
“So what are the other options?”
“You would need to own a house in Hungary”
I left the Vodafone shop empty-handed.
Luckily in the first Serbian village, I was able to buy a local Sim card without buying a house.

I stopped at a memorial of the battle at Mohacs. The story is simple, a Polish nobleman Luis (Ludvik) Jagellon what is capable enough to become the king of Bohemia and Hungary. But he decided to save on defence heavily, underestimated the Turkish Sultan Suleiman and applied the principle of hope against his Empire. Jagellon lost 1526 both – the battle and his own life. The Turkish expansion across the Balkan up to Vienna ensued – with all its consequences
Any parallels to EU defence capabilities towards today’s Russia and Putin?

Taking a ferryboat to Mohacs


Feeling like at home. Even in Mohacs is the Czech beer served


The Czech-Polish King Ludvik Jagellon who close to Mohacs paid by his life for underestimating the Turks in 1526


Hungarian border fence to Croatia. Mixed feelings, especially for those, like me, who grew up behind the iron curtain…


The power of the Southern sun – harvest in Croatia already in June, whereas Middle Europe needs to wait till July/August


Back to biking romance on in Serbia


A daily evening chore of any long-distance biker – wash and dry your only T-shirt 🙂

Posted on 03.02 2024 at 16:17