June 28 – Day three

The traffic was worse than the language barrier.
With each river, you can decide if to ride on the left or right embankment. I have chosen the right one today since I was told it is nicer and also I wanted to see the picturesque city of Visegrad. But the beauty of all of it has been stained by the heavy traffic. The cycling path was only partially separated, substantial portions, though marked as EuroVelo 6, were lead on normal heavy traffic roads. The paramount of this was my own mistake south of Budapest when I decided for a “shortcut”not knowing that every truck will do the same. Anyway, I survived 🙂
The positive part was the communication.
Though I know only 30 Hungarian words I was able at a Ford shop to obtain a spring washer to fix one of my loose screws.
Then, to my surprise, two long conversations were in French. Well, broken French on my side. First, I met a guy of Hungarian patients who was born and raised in Belgium, and now relocated to Hungary. Second a French couple who were cycling as well .
The most surprising talk happened in the hotel. When I ask the owner which language he prefers, he silently reached to his smart phone, started Google translate, and then talked in Hungarian. In a split of a second a female, German voice told me: “This is the only way, how we can talk but it will work”. It did. Within 10 times, passing the phone from mouth to mouth we exchanged every information necessary:)
All in all 124 lucky kilometres today from Sturovo to Rackeve

Esztergom – entering Hungary


EuroVelo6 makes an excellent impression – unfortunately only at the beginning

Budapest is worth 1000 photos. This is one of them – St. Stephan’s Church

Far South of Budapest finally away from the busy roads to those I like 🙂

Posted on 03.02 2024 at 13:53