June 27 – Day two

The Rye Island
I’m not sure if rye is the dominant corn in this flat and fertile piece of Slovakia, but it definitely gave it its name. In any case the tracks look, endless and thus offer atop of cycling also free meditation lessons accompanied by chirping birds. Though the tail wind helped me to speed, I came across several places where, again, the Romans, and even the Celts have been before. All in all 133 lovely kilometres from Samorin to Sturovo.


The rye island really full of rye


Gabcikovo-Nagymaros – a huge dam and also a dispute between Slovakia and Hungary,


Hungarian language dominates the rye island. Though his dog warning, the owner refilled very friendly my water bottle 🙂

Here ended in 1606 one of the European war by signing the peace treaty of Zitava

Even the official track EuroVelo6 has some dead-end-challenges 🙂

Posted on 25.01 2024 at 07:44