July 1 – Day six

Chasing company

Compared to my last year trip, alongside the Elbe, the Danube cycling path are completely deserted. You can drive for hours without meeting another cycling soul. But today I made two great encounters.

First young couple from France on their a way to new Zealand. Aged 26 and 27, they saved money for a year, then quit their jobs, waved goodbye to their beloved ones, and set off for a two year journey (one year travelling, one year working in NZ). Fully packed with a tent, sleeping bags and camping utilities they have been already for 3 month on the road. Also a great challenge moneywise since their budget is €10 per day. We had a lovely long co-riding I witnessed again, that happiness is not directly connected to money. Probably even more than my invitation for a coffee they appreciated the download of Mapy.cz – the best free cycling navigation 🙂

The second encounter was a local economist, also a young guy in his early 30s. We drove together for the last 25 km and he gave me so much precious information on Serbia. Starting with the language, to alphabet, history, current political situation, Serbian point view on Europe, USA, Russia. Though I knew many things partially, this guy help me to understand this country so much better. Last, but not least he helped me to overcome my fatigue and to arrive sound and safe in Novi Sad.

Picturesque themes from Serbia


Less picturesque scenes: “Kosovo is Serbia” says this writing


The beauty of one of many parallel Danube blind channels

In this part of Serbia, which was an Austrian-Hungarian province of “Banat”, are still several languages spoken

Just behind this church in Novi Sad I enjoyed the best Cevapcici of the whole trip. In the Sarajevski Cevap restaurant

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