Day 8 – May 13th – Let the others be heroes

For today, I intentionally planned a route through an unknown area to me. But while waking up, feeling my muscles and realizing the extra altimeters, I decided to let the others be heroes.  And took a partially known but definitely a more human route. 

Setting off, I tried to call my ex-colleague who originates from this area. When he called back, we agreed that he reached me exactly in front of the school he was attending as a kid.  To our mutual astonishment, there was no golden plate mentioning his name on the wall.  I was almost ready to talk to the headmaster to get it fixed. 

“Will also my horse find a roof over his head?” I ask the receptionist
“Well, I mean my bike“
“So why do say horse?”
“Since it is almost a living being to me.“

This conversation happened in the city of Radstadt after 95 km and 1000 altimeters. Radstadt coincidentally could be translated as „bike town“. Today I actually wanted to further, but the heavy rain of the last hour inspired me again to let the others be heroes…

Ready for a jump?

Ready for a jump?


Looks marvellous, but what about the heating bill?


Zell am See – the top vacationing location at the imperial times. And still today if you want to enjoy skiing on the Kaprun glacier.


I simply like the play on words of this construction company. Not work „in“ but „on“ progress


Imagining I would need to go 5 km back, I rather used all my negotiation skills and managed to get a passage through this construction site.


Passing all three countries on this trip, I did a little study: in Switzerland you wait an eternity at the railway barriers, in Germany half of an eternity and in Austria just the time you consider reasonable.


Flachau in heavy rain. Greetings from skiing legend Hermann Maier

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