Day 3 – History is everywhere

Today 80 km. The strongest emotional moment was a visit to the Memorial of the Battle of Königgrätz / Hradec Králové in 1866. This was the second-largest bloodbath of the 19th century, where the Prussians fought Austrians because of the political supremacy in the German-speaking countries. 400,000 men furiously fighting each other to please Bismarck on one side and the emperor Franz Josef I. on the other one. In moments like this, I am happy we have the EU now.
Otherwise, the two major cities in en route – Hradec Králové & Pardubice impressed again not only by their charm by also by their everlasting rivalry.
Last but not least, my big thanks to the barbecue skills of my brother-in-law 🙂

Route day 3
Pardubice- the biggest rival of Hradec Králové
Hradec Králové- the biggest rival of Pardubice
BBQ mastery of my brother-in-law. Yummy!!!

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