Day 7 – May 12th -Running on oil

“Sure” replied a cool looking and smoking teenager yesterday when I asked him to watch my bike while I am shopping. 
“What?!” what his next word when he saw me taking a proper gulp of a just bought linseed oil. 
“Some cars run on petrol, others on diesel and I run on linseed oil” was my replay. 

We parted friendly, agreeing that everyone has some craziness. 

With today’s up and downs, I had to take several gulps. And they helped me to take an extra detour to Kitzbühel where I wasn’t before.  Here I met two extreme downhill bikers with protectors everywhere on their bodies and helmets bigger than those of American footballers.  They tried to convince me I should try out single trail at Hannenkamm slope. I politely declined. 

Kitzbühel however and foremost is famous for parties thrown by either Austrian prominence or Russian oligarchs. To my surprise, none of these groups noticed I was in town. So I preserved my dignity, indulged in another gulp of linseed oil and took the French leave. 

All in all it helped me to run 117km and 1100 altimeters from Schwaz in Tyrol to Leogang in Salzburg. Another day of sweat and pleasure. 

117km and 1100 altimeters from Schwaz in Tyrol to Leogang in Salzburg.


Tyrol boasts not only hills but also many castles and monasteries Here the one of Schwartz.


What a lovely alternative to sweating on a bike


And once again, sceneries like these make me ride up any hill. With a gulp of linseed oil.


Kitzbühel, waiting for the party invitation. In vain 🙁


Leaving Tyrol, entering Salzburg

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